About M.a.D.

The Mothers and Daughters Association, affectionately known as The M.a.D. Association is a Georgia 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. The organization was founded May 18, 2014 by two mothers Michele and LaToya who are two sisters that lost their mom tragically at an early age.  Both agreed that a pathway was needed for like-minded & positive moms  who are raising beautiful, smart and respectful daughters to connect and teach them about the importance of giving back.  This will allow moms to maintain and/or create a positive and healthy relationship with their daughter.

The vision of The M.a.D. Association is to become the largest charitable organization comprised of mothers and daughters.

The mission of The M.a.D. Association is to create opportunities to partner with other organizations in giving back to the community and use those experiences to bond with our daughters.

Since its inception, M.a.D. has been very “hands-on” in the community.  Participating in volunteer efforts across the Atlanta area, we hope to create awareness and attract other mothers and daughters to join the cause.